Workflow: Automated Settlement Solutions

  • With FX Connect Trade Services, FX Connect’s post-trade workflow product, your trades can be confirmed and prepared for settlement automatically.
  • The Trade Services Loader can pull the executed trades from FX Connect or the order origination point and load them to Trade Services for matching.
  • We offer exception-based matching, so back-office users can readily identify trades outside of the Matched queue.
  • FX Connect Trade Services has access to a database of broker settlement instructions and, to the extent available for a particular broker, can enrich trades with these instructions to be sent on a custodial notification. message, for example, a MT304, should you trade away from the account custodian.
  • The solution supports gross, net, cleared and CLS settlement.
  • FX Connect Trade Services maintains the historical trade data you input and provides reports based on your trading activity.