FX Connect Trade Services

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FX Connect Trade Services

FX Connect Trade Services is our confirmation and settlement solution application that works with FX Connect’s execution component to provide matching and confirmation and reports for all executed FX orders.

This exception-based platform, with a single dashboard as seen above, has a consolidated view of your post trade activities. The ability to match FX Vanilla options is also available and can be viewed on the dashboard.

Trade details and broker settlement instructions are communicated via real-time SWIFT messaging and smart reconciliation functionality highlights only the exception or unmatched trades to help you achieve efficient processing.

FX Connect Trade Services also supports Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS), with timely checks to satisfy CLS requirements.

FX Connect Trade Services has access to a secure settlement instruction (SSI) database, providing authenticated, standard settlement instructions for many brokers. This database helps our buy-side clients complete the settlement process simply and efficiently with straight through processing.