Comprehensive Execution Capabilities

FX Connect provides clients with an extensive range of execution capabilities. Clients are able to transact spot, forward and swap trades across multiple counterparties and supports numerous trading styles and strategies.


Algo Trading

Execute multiple trades with a single counterparty using an algorithmic model. Users define their algo execution strategy based on those available from their chosen counterparties.

Allocation (supporting STP process)

For trades executed off-platform. Supports the STP and record-keeping process between client and counterparty bank.

Automated Order Router (AOR)

AOR allows buy-side users to further streamline their execution process by implementing rules-based trading for RFS sessions.

Basket Benchmark

Execute a basket of trades against a benchmark (the forward points are traded in competition).

Basket CP

Execute a basket of trades with multiple currency pairs, value dates and counterparties in competition.

Benchmark CP

Execute outrights or swaps for the same currency pair (forward points on
the basket are traded in competition).

Benchmark Trading

RFQ trading for multiple currency pairs and/or value dates (or tenors) against a specific benchmark.

Competitive Trading

Execute the same outright, swap or currency pair with multiple counterparties for best price and best execution.

Portfolio Trading

RFQ trading for a portfolio of multiple currency pairs, trade types, value dates and/or tenors with a single counterparty.

RFS Trading

Execute the same outright or swap and currency pair with multiple counterparties via streaming pricing . RFS Hit Rate Ratio chart helps monitor counterparty performance.

RFS Multi-Value Date Trading

Execute multiple trades with multiple value dates.

Slice Trading

Execute partial amounts or ‘slices’ of block trades to minimize market impact.

Liquidity Providers

Clients have access to a deep and broad liquidity pool, with a choice of over 65 liquidity providers and our technology is used daily on over 250 trading desks.

Risk Management & Controls

From order generation through to settlement, FX Connect provides a robust and comprehensive array of tools and functionality to support best practices and risk mitigation.

These include:

  • Export failure warning.
  • End-of-day warning, if an execution session has not been completed.
  • Inconsistent rate warning.
  • Safe Trade Mode.
  • Certified and maintained integration.
  • Inverse pricing support.
  • User Testing environment accessible to all clients.
  • Ability to define a current as deliverable or non-deliverable to meet regulatory requirement.
  • 24 X 6 helpdesk support.
  • 24 X 7 network monitoring.